15 August 2017

Box opening: Pureneemo Calico Yuzuha

I received my Sahra's a la mode Meow × Meow a la mode Calico Yuzuha (DS Ver.) on Monday last week. She will be my last new Pureneemo for a good while beside the Wizard of Oz Himeno that I already have pre-ordered and won't be shipped before next year. To my surprise and luck, she arrived without custom fees, meaning that I could put about $70 aside to Ashanti.

On the sad note, though, her shoes were missing. I have contacted Fabric Friends & Dolls and they contacted Azone about it. They will get a pair of shoes with their next shipment and send them to me. I had actually seen a box opening video of this Yuzuha on Youtube where the shoes also were missing. She had tried it once before where it was the whole shipment of dolls that didn't have their shoes. I was a bit nervous that mine might be missing too, but since it took some extra time for my Yuzuha to ship, I assumed it was because they held them back to add the shoes. Apparently not, but at least I will get the shoes.

Her name is Asuki and it's sort of a tribute to my first BJD, Hazuki, whom I don't own anymore. Years after naming him Hazuki I learned that it actually mostly is a female name. I didn't want to name her exactly the same, so Asuki it is. She goes by the nickname Asu-nyan, inspired by the anime K-on!

Erika is covering my address. xD

5 August 2017

When a dream doll gets discontinued

A few days ago I went to take a look on Iplehouse's website to see if they had gotten any new interesting clothes. I then noticed their slide-banner-thingy had an image with the title "Discontinued E.I.D Heads" and saw that Ashanti was among the ones that will get discontinued.

A light brown Ashanti has been on my wishlist for so long, so this made me really sad. I considered if I could settle with a Lehela or Aaliyah. Both sculpts are lovely, but I just didn't get the same feeling I did with Ashanti. Then I did the most stupid I could do - I went to look at photos of Ashanti on Flickr and I fell for her all over again. I just have to get her!

I'm currently saving up for a new laptop since the one I have now is almost 5 years old and has seen better days. It still works fine though, it's just a bit slow and overheats once in a while. I was also planning to buy some new urethane eyes and a bit YoSD clothes this year too. If I buy Ashanti all this will be postponed which is a shame, but she is a dream doll of mine. I'd also have to go on a no spend for doll stuff if I buy Ashanti to save up for a computer again.

Ashanti in ebony skin, since there are no photos of her in light brown. Photo is from Iplehouse

30 July 2017

Isi, the imaginary friend

Since I sold Hazuki and Takumi last year, Isi is now my oldest doll. Back when I used to have a little army of SOOM tinies he was a part of some sort of fantasy universe that I never developed much on. They only had a brief personality. Isi is the last one left from back then and I wasn't sure how he would fit in with my other dolls that exist in a world like our own. I was certain that I didn't want to sell him, though, since I absolutely adore him.

20 July 2017

Photos: Adventures in The Japanese Garden

After getting into Pure Neemos I started following Azone_Ringo, an Azone employee, on Twitter. I quickly learned that the different Azone models have birthdays and that people post photos with a birthday tag. I thought this was such a cute idea, so I started looking for the birthdays on the models I own. Lycee was the first of them with her birthday being today, July 20th.

6 July 2017

Introducing Tori

I received my Or-doll Sui back in March 2015 and she's just been a blank, floating head for about two years. She was originally going to be my character Olivia, but some time ago I made a few changes in my doll family and ended up dropping a couple of my characters that didn't have much relevance anymore. I didn't want to part with my Sui though since it's such a lovely head.

Then Tori came along. The other day Lise asked me how I came up with Tori, but I have to admit that I have completely forgotten. I think it had something to do with the fact I wanted to try a different type of face-up than what I usually get on my dolls? So back in April, I got a slot with Raquel Clemente and I got my girl back last week. She turned out absolutely stunning! ♥ I've always wanted a doll with matte lipstick.

Her full name is Victoria but goes by Tori. She is a transgender woman and is still in her transitioning process. She is half Filipino and half British. I don't know much about her yet, but I'm thinking that she met Shay and Charlie through the gay bar, where she told she was a big fan of Yoonie. Shay and Charlie then told that they work with Yoonie and that she could tag along with them to meet Yoonie. Maybe she even gets a chance to work with her idol. I'm not sure yet.