24 April 2017

Box opening: The downfall of a new hobby

I know I said that I wasn't fully returning in my latest post, but I might be anyway? I won't make any promises, so let's see how things turn out.

If you read Nikki's blog you might know that both of us recently pre-ordered an Azone Pure Neemo Otogi no Kuni Wizard of Oz Himeno (such long names to write compared to BJDs). We won't get her before the start of next year, though. This is where everything started to crumble. It's been less than a month since we pre-ordered Himeno and since then I've bought four more of which I've received one... I don't know what happened. I've wanted a Pure Neemo for so long but never got around to buy one and now I've bought and pre-ordered five in less than a month. I think I caught a virus of some sort and now my wallet is crying in the corner. Does any of you by any chance know of a treatment to this virus? xD

Enough rambling. The one I bought and received is an Otogi no Kuni Benibara-san Mio. I bought her from Plasticpop in Germany and she arrived two days after being shipped. She arrived just as I was about to head out, but I managed to take some quick shots before I left. She's been sitting around me since I got her on Thursday. ♥

"Aaaaaaaaaaah!!" was the thought that went through my head as I opened the package. OwO

16 April 2017

Photo story: Easter Chaos part IV

I'm not fully returning to the blog-world, but since it's Easter I wanted to post my little Easter Chaos photo story. I started doing the Easter Chaos stories in 2013 and only missed last year due to some personal issues. This year I got back on track even though it was quite a task. It was a warm day, so I got a bit sweaty, the dolls kept falling as I walked between the table and the camera, and the daylight kept changing. I got the photos thought and somewhat saved them the best I could with Photoshop. There are things I'm not a 100% satisfied with, but that's usual for me and at least I got the photos and posted them.

There is a red thread between the Easter Chaos stories, but you can still read them on their own. Here are links to the previous stories, if anyone might want to read those too.
Part IPart IIPart III

5 April 2016

Amiami March order

Last year Nikki pre-ordered a Menma figure from Amiami and told me I could join with in-stock items when the time came. Originally it was a February pre-order and when February came we both added some in stock items to the order. I had added a Beach Queen Kotori from Love Live!, a Chopper from One Piece and three Love Live! notebooks. By the end of February we got a mail that said we couldn't get the items anyway for some reason. It turns out that Menma was delayed from the company. I was a bit bummed since I really wanted those figures, but luckily I found some new items I wanted and even more lucky I could still add the Love Live! notebooks to the new order. :D

Enough rambling, here's the photos of our order.

All of our items!

22 March 2016

Drastic decisions + Liebster Award #3

Something has been nagging me with my doll family for a while now. It has taken me some time to figure what it exactly was, but now I think I finally know what; I don't think I do well with male dolls. Before I always thought it was the number of "unfinished" dolls (even when it only was a few), the amount of dolls or a too big wishlist. I have tried to cut down by selling a doll to have fewer floating heads, but that nagging feeling never disappeared.

After talking with Nikki on the phone about what might be bothering me I came to the conclusion that it might be my boys. It's not that I don't like them, but when I looked through my photos on Flickr I realized that I rarely photograph them. They just don't inspire me as much as my girls do, whom I have tons of photos of.

Photographing is such a big part of the hobby for me (not that I take many photos lately though), so I don't see the point of having my boys just sitting on the shelf being pretty. Therefore I have decided to sell Takumi, Trent and Caleb. I'm not too sad with this decision since I will be keeping their characters. That way I don't have to change anything in the story and keep a possibility open if I ever should regret my decision.

I get easily stressed when I have too much up for sale at once therefore I'll sell them one by one to make it more manageable for myself. So there might pop a few more photos of Caleb up since I'll sell him last. :)

28 February 2016

Raouken corset review + Liebster Award #2

When Nikki visited me back in January I had the change to try her new gorgeous corset from Raouken on my dolls. First I tried in on Shay and it fit her perfectly. Thalia tried it next, but as I already had thought it didn't fit her at all. I could also have tried it on my Classydoll body, but since it has a large bust, I didn't even bother to try.

After tying and untying the corset a few times I regretted not getting photos of Shay in the corset the first time she had it on. xD That thing takes time to tie!